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Ok, I'm going to share a secret that I normally don't share unless I can prove that I don't smell..but since you aren't within armpit-smelling distance you will just have to take my word for it! I was once a smelly girl, like, secret prescription strength was no match for my pits. Then, I read the research on aluminum in anti-perspirants and how they are REALLY, REALLY bad for you and I thought, it doesn't work anyway so I may as well embrace my exceptional detox sweating abilities! At the time, I had a full time job where I was one on one with clients regularly, so for their sake I decided to try to hippify (i made that up) some sweet smelling concoction to cover up my smell! I whipped this guy up and seriously, on the first day of wearing I was amazed that it did not simply cover up my smell, but STOPPED it. Honest to goodness, it was my first non-smelling day since I hit puberty when I was 15. Score one for being a hippie homemade deodorant wearer. Fast forward 5 years and I still wear and make this AND have converted some very non-hippie people to the homemade pit paste dark side! Guys, if my husband endorses this stuff, you know it is good. I put it in a jar, but if you really don't like the idea of putting on deodorant with your fingers (again, if my husband is down, you can do it too :) you can grab an empty deodorant stick and put it in when the paste is slightly melted from mixing, pop it in the fridge until hard and you are good to go. I don't trust this method though, because my bathroom gets hot enough to melt a popsicle on a summer's day, let alone coconut oil (melting temp of about 76 degrees!). Ok, ok, I know you are totally convinced and want to know how to make it, but let me just say this will not keep you from sweating, it will keep you from smelling! Sweating is one of the number one ways that our toxin-overloaded bodies can get rid of the badies so let it do its thing, please! Anti-perspirants are not only loaded with chemicals and heavy metals that can cause alzheimer's and cancer (among a thousand other bad situations) but they stop your body from releasing toxins and keep them cooped up in your body :( Give your armpits some love and let them breathe for heaven's sake! What this deodorant does is stop bacteria from growing in the dark, warm, and moist (ugh) environment of your armpits using the anti-microbial properties of the ingredients used and it just so happens that these ingredients are moisturizing, exfoliating, and smell wonderful. WIN, WIN! Ok, now on with the show!


::what you will need::

a cute half pint jar

1/4 cup baking soda (by a giant arm&hammer box, you will thank me :)

1/4 cup arrowroot powder (or non-gmo cornstarch, you can also use either in jeni's ice cream recipes which are by far THE best ice cream treats ever...)

1/2 cup coconut oil (anti-microbial)

40 drops of tea tree oil (anti-bacterial!) i don't love the brand that i used for this batch in the photo, but linked to one that seems better...essential oils are so tough to choose from, but usually you want it to say pharmaceutical grade on the bottle!

25 drops of other essential oil of your choice (get creative)

::scents i like::

lavender+chamomile = soothing & calming

peppermint = invigorating and kind of tingly :)

sage = manly

lemon or orange = clean feeling

to infinity and beyond!

a batch this size lasts the hubs and I about six months...that's a LONG time!

Mix 1/4 cup of arrowroot powder with 1/4 cup of baking soda...powder will get everywhere if you go too fast!

Add essential oils of choice, but definitely include 40 drops of tea tree oil which gives it extra anti-bacterial power. You will not regret buying a bottle of this, I promise! I use it for everything...on blemishes, to take off sticky tag residue on things, in homemade all purpose cleaner, etc.

You want the coconut oil to be a semi-solid when you mix it in. If it is too melted, the mixture will separate in the jar as it cools, but if it is too cold you won't be able to mix it at all! 

Scrape every last drop out of that bowl into the jar...waste not, want not (says my grandma :) 

Now you are done! Yay! Pop it in the fridge if it is a bit soft and then put that bad boy in your medicine cabinet and apply whenever you want. I love it so much that I literally put it on 4x a day!

homemade deodorant!

Enjoy your non-smelly, healthy armpits :)

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