satisfy :: make the weekend last

i'm not feeling quite ready for the week. the weekend haze is strong with me... uninterrupted snuggle time with the husband, hours to spend luxuriously lounging on the couch and reading, time to spend on yummy dinners with a glass of wine. these are the things my dreams are made of.

here is my antidote... retain the feel of the weekend :) simple, but effective.
start with a lovely meal, read a few pages of a book, snuggle extra close with the husband for the short time you have.


this picture is from a few weeks ago, but it definitely applies.

book: the hobbit (finished a while ago :)
meal: delicious full fat grass fed yoghurt with pomegranate seeds and sliced almonds (you know there was a great, big dollop of honey in there :)

so, my friends, that is the remedy! take the time to make the midweek special! what do you do to hold on to the freedom of the weekend all week long?