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i’ve always dreamed of having a girl squad that gets excited about feeling strong and cheers each other on…


the strength society is 3-5 women working out in our private gym getting stronger together and feeling AWESOME.

this place is about encouragement, not comparison.

it is about effective programming, not careless and ineffectual movement.

it is about feeling good in your skin, not about a number on the scale.

if it sounds like your kind of place…come hang out!


MONDAYS + WEDNESDAYS 10AM $150/month OR $175/month with childcare

price includes ONE free session per month so no worries if you miss one…i’ll catch you on the next one.

invite a friend to join and get one month for half the price…sharing is caring!

Lacking confidence to work out in a group? Let’s remedy that, shall we?


This program is for my gal who wants desperately to feel strong, but has literally NEVER TOUCHED A WEIGHT. Personal training is not my favorite for building an effective and enjoyable habit of meaningful movement, but building a foundation takes a little more focused attention which is why I’ve developed this 3 month one-on-one training program to build body awareness and confidence in the gym. After these three months, you’ll be ready to join the Strength Society party and rock it with us!

//2 days per week $350 per month// OR //3 days per week $525 per month//