We’ve all found ourselves in the position of KNOWING we need to change, but feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting information out there. I developed this comprehensive program to be the breath of fresh air that allows to you simplify your journey to feeling well and finally START. I’ve never had a client complete the 6 weeks and not feel like a brand new person! We will start with an honest assessment of your starting point, then over the course of 3 meetings you will have a clear roadmap and actionable steps to get you to where you want to be! You have to be ready to commit to change, but, oh man, its so great on the other side!



This program is for my gal who wants desperately to feel strong, but has literally NEVER TOUCHED A WEIGHT. Personal training is not my favorite for building an effective and enjoyable habit of meaningful movement, but building a foundation takes a little more focused attention which is why I’ve developed this 3 month one-on-one training program to build body awareness and confidence in the gym. After these three months, you’ll be ready to join the Strength Society party and rock it with us!

//2 days per week $350 per month// OR //3 days per week $525 per month//


Let’s hang out in your kitchen and learn how to be the boss of your food. Here are some ideas for what we can tackle, but I develop individualized curriculum for each client depending on their desires.

breakfast 101

basics of fermentation

treats that treat you back

snack attack

the freezer is our friend

family meal planning

traditional food 101

homemade basics

dinner on the table

vegetables can be delicious

//$60 per hour and include take-away sheets from the curriculum developed specifically for you//

*price of food not included


Let’s examine your home and routine to see where the worst offending toxins are. This is not meant to bring guilt or overwhelm, but to encourage you to make small changes and take small steps when you are able. Some people like to do a total overhaul, while others like to break it up into manageable chunks. You will end this program with an action plan and more resources than you know what to do with! I got you, girl.

//$299 for 3 meetings and your individualized clean up and clean out plan//


Have a small business that you’d like to infuse a little intentional wellness into? I love inspiring employees to make small changes that add up to big shifts in health and productivity! We can tailor this to focus on whatever you’d like, but my favorite topic is turning sneaky snacks and lethargic lunches into simple and satisfying food to fuel your workday!

//price dependent on size and scope of presentation//

Finally, please ask about package deals on any of my services! I want good health to be affordable for everyone and will work with you to make this possible :) Most consultations can be adapted for a group at a discounted rate! Don't be afraid to ask…if you have an idea for a class that you would love to take please let me know and I would love to develop one for you! I love learning and challenging myself, so seriously, don't hesitate to ask.

you can reach me at imjillianmargaret@gmail.com to ask me about anything!